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Rocks Don't Lie Rocks Don't Lie

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Pretty good work. What did you use to make this? Just wondering. Overall, It has a very pleasing effect on the eye from your use of the different colors.

Maybe you should put a face or something in the center, or ...
I dont know. You decide. After all, it is your work.

(I recommended you!)


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InvisibleObserver responds:

I use CS 4s Photoshop for photo manipulation, styling and creation (usually a mix of the 3). Overall goal is have a high contrast yet visually smooth image.

I highly doubt I'll be adding a face, I was contemplating having a mass of clouds converging in the middle, as well as add some sort of sky pattern in the background of the rest of the image.

Thanks for the recommendation, though I think I need 4 submissions recommended before I'm eligible for being scouted, and I'm not sure how kindly the system supports manipulation like what I do. I'd argue its art, and it doesn't conflict with any rules they have, but it doesn't adhere to whats suggested either.