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funny how today is 4/20 !!!! haha
anyway a good song overall! it started slowly and just got progressively better :)
Thanks for this magic!

EricFreeman responds:

Haha, yeah I lol'd about getting in the top 30 on 4/20 too.

Thanks for listening! :)


i'm personally not a big fan of jazz, but this was pretty good!

also, miles better than the Friday song... -.-

SaxeCoburg responds:

Thank you very much,

yeah the less said about Ms. Black the better..... :)


yes 1rab IS trolling everyone's songs, this is the highest score he's given anyone. Everyone mark "abusive" for his comments.

Otherwise, good song and don't ever give up this passion of yours :)

la-yinn responds:

Yeah, it's slightly saddening to see badly argumented reviews sometimes, but I really don't care so much, dw about it. :-)

I've been stuck in a bit of a not-so-musical rut lately. Hoping that this year'll go different. Thanks for the encouraging words!

omg fail

a great song nonetheless, but your score rank is at #69.
im sorry i just had to comment for that D:

AikaMusic responds:

lol i noticed xP

yay team fortress 2

i personally liked this song, but my only comment is that from 0:40 to 0:45 it sounds like a gay orgy. You should put more gunshot sounds to avoid that in the future :P


Kaboohze responds:

Rofl, you're right! Didnt think of that :-D
Thanks for you feedback!

i liked it before the vocals

Don't get me wrong here, I just don't like the song as much as before the vocals started. And those vocals are REEELY repetitive. You could of at least added one more half sentence to that! Maybe something like, "He hangs out in bars, he's got a few scars. He got knocked out in a bar and saw stars.The scars on his face make it look like Mars. He picks up babes in one of his five cars. His face looks so bad people mistake him to have SARS. He's so wealthy his nickname is 'Tzar.'" There, that shouldn't be so repetitive. But either way, a great song and well mixed. I can tell that this is a master's work.


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I don't know how many times I can say I wasn't done
Personally I think the whole thing is repetitive, however this is what was used in the flash
I agree(!), and I do intend on making a full version with 1,000% more lyrics once I have my own time
Thank you for your review


i really like this. The title fit the name perfectly, and it was a great song. I love the different melodies and the way you expertly fit them together. All in all this is a masterpiece. Keep this up. It's great!


durn responds:

:) Thanks for the kind words, Berkley!


I liked the beginning. A lot! There are some parts that sound like cornandbeans's {Traveller}, like the background music at 0:44 to 0:54. But so what. It sounds great! I checked out Rising Waves too. They all sound amazing! Keep it up!


DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks! I actually never heard Traveller before making this song. I always like to add strings to go with the main melody. i.e. my songs SubTrance, the Burning Earth Driving to Infinity, etc. So it's just habit. :)


Wow this is great. I loved the heavy metal guitar to make the song sound more coarse and rough. It sounded great. Keep this up!


Gravey responds:

Thanks a lot.



this is good. I actually really like it. I think that she will like it, no doubt about it.


randomheckler responds:

thanks. she does like it and so do i.

just a friendly guy (i know my pic is decieving) who listens to music, mostly techno, trance, and ambient. I cant make music cause I SUCK AT IT! I just review music. Note: im azn but DO NOT like anime or manga. so what now im a fag or something?

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