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funny how today is 4/20 !!!! haha
anyway a good song overall! it started slowly and just got progressively better :)
Thanks for this magic!

EricFreeman responds:

Haha, yeah I lol'd about getting in the top 30 on 4/20 too.

Thanks for listening! :)


i'm personally not a big fan of jazz, but this was pretty good!

also, miles better than the Friday song... -.-

SaxeCoburg responds:

Thank you very much,

yeah the less said about Ms. Black the better..... :)


i listened to the song 4 times before I started wondering how long the song was :)
Simply greatness

i luv it

i love this style! i like the dreaminess especially the parts right in the middle of the song. and the odder the synths, the more unique your music is :)
make more of this style, with the dreamlike qualities and spacey feel :P

reminded me of Paradise on E

an excellent work of art, and i love Zach's work too. Both of you make such good music! Keep this music coming!



i will only play the game if you can play as a DOUBLE RAINBOW


i agree with aznhardcorego...... whatever. the guy below me. it sounds a lot like the rick roll'd song at 0:46 or something. But what can i say, it sounds a LOT better than the original even if that is not what you were planning :)



yes 1rab IS trolling everyone's songs, this is the highest score he's given anyone. Everyone mark "abusive" for his comments.

Otherwise, good song and don't ever give up this passion of yours :)

la-yinn responds:

Yeah, it's slightly saddening to see badly argumented reviews sometimes, but I really don't care so much, dw about it. :-)

I've been stuck in a bit of a not-so-musical rut lately. Hoping that this year'll go different. Thanks for the encouraging words!

omg fail

a great song nonetheless, but your score rank is at #69.
im sorry i just had to comment for that D:

AikaMusic responds:

lol i noticed xP

amazingly and obviously awesome

This song is so f-ing epic it only deserves to be on a game titled: Gangsta Kirby Goes Hardcore or something around the lines of that.

(the game i had in mind would be kirby with like 20 handkerchiefs around his neck or mouth, an rpg as your base wepon, and from there it just gets more awesome.


just a friendly guy (i know my pic is decieving) who listens to music, mostly techno, trance, and ambient. I cant make music cause I SUCK AT IT! I just review music. Note: im azn but DO NOT like anime or manga. so what now im a fag or something?

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