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omg i hate kids now


apart from the rest of the great song, why are there so many orgasmic female voices scattered EVERYWHERE through the song? I mean, apart from those, the song is great.


yay team fortress 2

i personally liked this song, but my only comment is that from 0:40 to 0:45 it sounds like a gay orgy. You should put more gunshot sounds to avoid that in the future :P


Kaboohze responds:

Rofl, you're right! Didnt think of that :-D
Thanks for you feedback!

i liked it before the vocals

Don't get me wrong here, I just don't like the song as much as before the vocals started. And those vocals are REEELY repetitive. You could of at least added one more half sentence to that! Maybe something like, "He hangs out in bars, he's got a few scars. He got knocked out in a bar and saw stars.The scars on his face make it look like Mars. He picks up babes in one of his five cars. His face looks so bad people mistake him to have SARS. He's so wealthy his nickname is 'Tzar.'" There, that shouldn't be so repetitive. But either way, a great song and well mixed. I can tell that this is a master's work.


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I don't know how many times I can say I wasn't done
Personally I think the whole thing is repetitive, however this is what was used in the flash
I agree(!), and I do intend on making a full version with 1,000% more lyrics once I have my own time
Thank you for your review


great song. I love the drums. It gives it a really tribal feel, but at the same time, a paradise feel, like something you wanted all your life and now you have it, and you are in a moment of total peace, like heaven. Really lifts the spirits when one is down. It also really sounds like a Maplestory song when I used to play that game.



I love this! It is mastered perfectly, with all the right instruments thrown in. Except for one thing: I don't like that washing board sound along with every cymbal sound. It sounds great, except having it everywhere in the song. If I may, suggest to you, adding an ascending kettle drum roll to the "climaxes" scattered throughout the piece? I think it would make a great addition to the song, and overall giving it that "orchestral masterpiece" type feeling (if there is such a thing). Overall, great song. Just change that washing board sound to any kind of deep drum, and it will sound great!



i really like this. The title fit the name perfectly, and it was a great song. I love the different melodies and the way you expertly fit them together. All in all this is a masterpiece. Keep this up. It's great!


durn responds:

:) Thanks for the kind words, Berkley!


I like the beginning for its originality. It sounds quite industrial indeed, like a construction zone. Overall, it's a great song. Its already downloaded and fav'd!



I really liked this. I already have this downloaded and favorited. I love the guitar and strings mixed in to give it a dark feeling. Overall, the effect is amazing. I love it!



god this sounds horrible without the animation. But I still give this a 10 for creativity :)


just a friendly guy (i know my pic is decieving) who listens to music, mostly techno, trance, and ambient. I cant make music cause I SUCK AT IT! I just review music. Note: im azn but DO NOT like anime or manga. so what now im a fag or something?

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