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woah cool song

i wish i could make music like tis
its awesome!


you keep spelling feel wrong...

overall great song!

i know im not a very helpful person :)

combatplayer responds:

lol atleast you did help. and that's what matters ;D (i will correct al the "feals" to "feels" xD)

i agree with kyur

The melody is really entrancing and enticing, but it's as if I'm eating cake and it's a double layer cake, but no frosting in the middle of the two and nothing on top, in other words, it's too plain. I think there needs to be more background objects and the song needs to be a bit longer. I've already listened to the entire song four times while writing this review O_o
But overall, the song is well made, the bass is not too overpowering, and you can hear the main instruments well. Good Job!


Rhyhart responds:

haha I like your little analogy there. I will work on the song and try to do all these things. Thanks for the review!!!

why does this sound so familiar?

This was really nice. I especially loved the base and it really made me feel like dancing. Keep the songs coming, I really enjoy them and will try to review your other song if all possible :)



my ballsack is really fucking big... chingchongchingchangang...

mother fucker


i cried (tears of joy)
this just made my day btw!

wyldfyre1 responds:

Glad it made you laugh =).


Haha! while I was watching this, I stepped on a cowpie on the way to bathroom, and I saw some headlines on my wife's foreheads, and ... yeah i cant think of any more :(

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:


ohh man

I really love this song. It really cheers me up after a day of horrible teachers who hate their jobs and crummy tests. I have but one question: Why is this so fast? I mean, 320 bps is pretty fast when you think about a peaceful forest...

Just one suggestion before I wrap this up: from 2:40 until the end, I think you should have the drums die out, not the other stuff, because it tends to detract from the overall "calming" sensation when I listen to this.


very chill indeed

Wow, this is amazing. It automatically puts me in this state of reverie, and i forget everything. (too bad i had a test the next day) But I have one question to ask you, can you make a full song out of this? I mean, it sounds great, but if you could make a full song out of this, I think it would be more awesome, even better than the "cut off end for ultimate loopage."

Um... is that some static from 1:30 until the beginning? Just asking, cause it tingles my ears, in a bad way (but not too bad)



i got first review. wow. But this was awesome. All your songs are pure amazingness. I can spend 6 hours on a song and it still sounds like crap. T.T
Keep the musical juices flowin'!


Randomizor responds:

Thanks. =3

oh no

I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy dont like the ending. But as u an tell, the rest of the song is amazing.

Submergence responds:

What's wrong with the ending?


just a friendly guy (i know my pic is decieving) who listens to music, mostly techno, trance, and ambient. I cant make music cause I SUCK AT IT! I just review music. Note: im azn but DO NOT like anime or manga. so what now im a fag or something?

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