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This is an amazing song. It creates a sense of suspense and you just want to hear the entire thing and maybe even hear it again. Because in the beginning, it sounds just like the beginning of a huge boss battle and then it gets faster. in the middle, there is a part that sounds like a part from Kirby: The Amazing Mirror in some world i do not remember. (my gameboys broken) overall, great song! 10/10.

is totally Chaoz!

i love the super strong beats in the beginning and my super deep subwoofer is about to blow up... Probably the best song I have heard so far on NG. keep making more songs!

just like zelda. all the way...

I dont even have to look at the title, and just by hearing it, i can tell that it is a Zelda song. In the beginning its really like Zelda and it is very relaxing and then it gets really fast... but okay. then the rising and lowering chords in there is a really good idea. then at the end is good . 10/10.

is totally Chaoz style... IN JAPAN!!! yeah!

This song makes me feel like I am right in Japan with Japanese people with Japanese instruments playing awesome Japanese music. yeah, sorry the Japanese part...yeah. But the most awesome part is 0:38 where the music goes through the one speaker and it hits my left ear and then my right and it is cool. yeah... and i like the fast paced parts in it, even though it makes me feel relaxed. i like the beginning but not the end. It was awesome until you just dropped it and then it wasnt good anymore! But still a 10/10 and a 5/5. Keep makin' those songs!


KFNX has almost no songs. But you do. They are all AWESOME! I really like the happy mood that this songs stirs up inside me. It makes me feel like sleeping for a long time listening to this music. a awesome 10/10 and a 5/5. you are my favorite artist on NG.


This is an awesome song. I love how it starts out and then transitions into something that i love and then it sort of repeats itself at 0:44 and then goes to a chrismasy thing AND THEN IT GOES REALLY FAST WHICH IS THE BEST PART. Then it is like a resolution and it just awesome. 10/10 and 5/5.

Like The Only Song I Listen To!

This is seriously THE ONLY SONG I LISTEN TO. This is probably my favorite and the best song ever. Another thing. I would have to agree 100% with K-Nitro. This song IS perfect. I dont think anyone can make a better song than this. You are the only person here on NG that I listen to for music. Maybe a little bit of KFNX but hes not really made that many songs. But all I can say is that THIS IS THE ONLY SONG I LISTEN TO. Definitely a 10/10 and a 5/5. (make more songs!!!!!!! they are sooooo good! PPLLEEAASSEE!!!)

Amazing Song!

This is a truly amazing song. Love the part at 0:52 where it sounds like a part from Kirby: The Amazing Mirror in World 5 or 6. But seriously, this is pure awesomeness. You are my 2nd favorite person on NG, 1st being... well... yeah. ParagonX9 I would have to admit. But keep making those songs! Definite 10/10.

just a friendly guy (i know my pic is decieving) who listens to music, mostly techno, trance, and ambient. I cant make music cause I SUCK AT IT! I just review music. Note: im azn but DO NOT like anime or manga. so what now im a fag or something?

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